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4 Benefits of Working Remotely in a Vacation Rental

As the times are changing, fewer people are working from a traditional office and more people are working from home. If you have the ability to work from home, you should know about the benefits of working remotely. And to make work even more enjoyable, we encourage you to try a workcation! Work remotely from a vacation rental on a tropical island and you’ll reap the benefits. 

But before you decide to make an island in Hawaii the backdrop of your new office space, start planning things to do in your free time, on your lunch break, or after office hours. We’ve created a free Vacation Guide to Oahu and The Big Island of Hawaii so that you know all the cool places to eat, shop, sightsee, hike, and more! Nothing beats a healthy work-life balance! 

Benefits of Working Remotely From a Vacation Rental 

1. You Can Go on Vacation Without Missing Work 

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One of the best benefits of remote work is that you can go on vacation without missing any days of work. Although we always encourage using all of your PTO days, it’s always nice to have additional vacations! 

2. New Scenery Can Fuel Your Creativity 

Do your best ideas come when you least expect it? Some of the greatest ideas may come to you as you’re walking on the beach or gazing out at a colorful sunrise. Create a change of scenery from your home office and enjoy an office with a view! Imagine working from our Kehaulani – Lanikai vacation rental on Oahu. These colorful sunrise views are sure to spark some creativity as you come up with new ideas for you and your company! 

3. Exercising Can Increase Your Productivity 

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Hiking, swimming, kayaking, or any form of physical activity can do wonders for your productivity. We encourage you to exercise as you explore our wonderful islands after work hours. It’ll promote a surge of brainpower, increased productivity, and give you the energy level to get you through your workdays. There are so many ways to explore Hawaii while getting a good workout in, whether it be out on the water doing water sports or hiking some of the most beautiful landmarks. 

Stay in one of our luxury vacation rentals on The Big Island like our Hualalai Resort Hillside 4102 rental. This villa offers guests access to amenities at Four Seasons Hualalai Resort, so you’ll be able to use their sports club, spa, golf course, and pools for the perfect break from work. That way you can get a little workout or relaxation in before starting on your next project. 

4. Go from Work Mode to Vacation Mode in Seconds 

Don’t you wish you could just switch from work mode to vacation mode in a matter of seconds? If your work project is stressing you out, take a dip in your private pool at your vacation rental for a relaxing break between Zoom calls. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to work again in no time! 

Make Private Homes Hawaii Your Remote Office 

Private Homes Hawaii offers a wide variety of luxury vacation rentals on both Oahu and The Big Island. Any of our rentals with desks, private pools, and ocean views would be perfect for your pool and hot tub by beachnext workcation. 

Set up your workspace at this desk in our Puako Hylton vacation rental on The Big Island of Hawaii for a great spot to focus. Then, take a break in the private pool or hot tub by the ocean! Your tropical workcation getaway awaits in Hawaii! Check our availability and start planning your getaway today.