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Hanauma Bay

Why You Need to Explore Hanauma Bay

Oahu is home to many incredible natural wonders. From the North Shore to Diamond Head, you’ll find an array of iconic sights that are must-sees during your visit. If you want to experience some of the best snorkeling and sunrise views on the island, Hanauma Bay needs to be on your list. This gorgeous bay is home to diverse marine life, a scenic beach, and picturesque views of the Pacific. 

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About Hanauma Bay  

Hanauma Bay State Park is home to some of the most beautiful natural scenery on Oahu. Located on the southeast corner of the island, this picturesque bay provides incredible views as well as an array of outdoor activities unique to the area. The city of Honolulu continues to work meticulously to continue to restore vital marine habitats so that visitors can soak in the warm Hawaiian sunshine on awe-inspiring shores. This nature reserve features a network of coral reefs that are home to a diverse array of marine life. Keep reading to discover some of the best ways to make the most of your day in Hanauma Bay. 

Check the bay website for parking fees, snorkel rentals, and more important info before visiting! 

Hanauma Bay Activities 


Snorkeling is hands down the best way to experience Hanauma Bay. You can find many tour companies offering snorkel excursions into the bay, but if you have previous experience, we recommend snorkeling from the beach. This is an easy and fun way to get up close and personal with vibrant reefs and brightly colored fish in one of the most accessible marine ecosystems on Oahu. Of course, you can also bring a beach towel and soak in the scenery while relaxing on the sand! 


While Hanauma Bay doesn’t have a public hiking trail within its boundaries, you can head across Highway 72 to Koko Head District Park. From here, you can trek up the formidable Koko Crater Railway Trailhead. This steep ascent takes you along an old abandoned vertical incline tram track from WWII up to the Koko Crater summit. This is a difficult trail due to the 1000-foot elevation gain in such a short distance, but the picturesque views are well worth the hike. The Koko Crater Arch Trail is also a great place to hike near Hanauma Bay. 


Photographers will be in heaven while visiting Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve. Not only can you capture eye-popping panoramas of the bay at sunrise, but you can also snap incredible shots of underwater marine life with a GoPro while snorkeling. 

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