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Here’s How to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Hawaii

new year's eve in hawaii fireworks honolulu

New Year’s Eve is a time to celebrate the past while ringing in the new year with positive vibes, a great atmosphere, and an optimistic mindset. So, why not clear your mind with a relaxing getaway and start the year fresh on the islands of Hawaii? Below, you’ll find the best ways to celebrate New […]

Here’s the Big Island Snorkeling Guide You Need for Your Hawaii Vacation

big island snorkeling

Experience a whole other world when you go below the surface of the water. A trip to Hawaii isn’t complete without a Big Island snorkeling adventure! There are plenty of places to dive in and spot tropical fish and coral reefs, but we want to give you some insight into our favorite snorkeling spots on The Big […]

Your Guide to the Ultimate Hawaii Bucket List

Visiting the Hawaiian Islands is something many people wish to do in their lifetime. On one side of an island, you might encounter active volcanoes or roaring waterfalls tucked beneath dense jungle canopies. On the other side, you can see snow-capped mountains in contrast with roaring cerulean waves crashing against the sandy white shores.  Continue […]

The Best Oahu Itinerary for a 5-Day Vacation

For such a small island, Oahu boasts endless adventure. Experience the meaning of “Aloha” while basking in the sun’s rays and surrounded by crystal blue Pacific waters. Planning the perfect trip to your dream destination can be overwhelming. We’ve designed the perfect 5-day Oahu itinerary that allows you to enjoy the best the island has […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Plan a Long-Term Vacation in Hawaii

long term vacation in hawaii

Why go on vacation for a week when you can go on a vacation for months at a time? Getaways can be beneficial for a multitude of reasons, and the Hawaiian Islands have so much in store for you, including new adventures, culture, and relaxation. If this sounds dreamy to you, you might want to consider going on a long-term vacation […]

Here’s How to Plan Mom’s Luxury Vacation to Hawaii

mom's luxury vacation to hawaii

Whether you’re planning for Mother’s Day, Mom’s birthday, a family vacation, or even a girls’ getaway without the kids, the islands are the place to go! Visit the land where relaxation in the tropics meets thrilling outdoor adventures. Mom’s luxury vacation to Hawaii will be a trip to remember when you follow our guide to the most luxurious, yet fun getaway for moms!  […]

7 Oahu Breweries That Will Impress You

oahu breweries

Imagine yourself on a tropical island. How would you like to spend your time? Maybe you’d like to take in the breathtaking views of the surrounding ocean, mingle with the local crowd to learn about the best places to visit and sample some of the tastiest craft brews produced in Hawaii. When you visit one […]

Here Are the Benefits of Booking Direct With Private Homes Hawaii

Are you planning a tropical getaway to Hawaii? That’s super exciting! You’ll need somewhere to make your home base for all your Hawaiin adventures, so it’s time to start investigating options for accommodations. While it might be tempting to browse general booking sites and hotel chains, we encourage you to stray away from this. If you didn’t know, there are many benefits of booking direct with a […]

Which Is the Best Hawaiian Island for Families?

kids on beach, best hawaiian island for families

There’s no better place to plan a family vacation than Hawaii. But which is the best Hawaiian island for families? All of the Hawaiian Islands have fun things to do with kids. After all, our state is made up of islands, outdoor adventures, and beaches all around! But, if you’re looking for the best Hawaiian island to visit with kids, some have more perks than […]

4 Hawaii Hidden Gems You Need to Know About

sanju pagoda oahu

With Hawaii being a state comprised of several tropical islands, it’s no surprise that it’s full of hidden gems. When you travel off the beaten path in Hawaii, some hidden gems you might discover include mystical caves, statues honoring a religion based on aliens, and quiet beaches. Read on to find some of the most fascinating, yet obscure places in the United States. But, before you begin your journey make sure to use our complimentary Vacation […]