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7 of the Best Big Island Paddle Boarding Rentals

paddle boarding in sunset

The beautiful bays lining the western shore of Hawaii are home to the perfect water conditions to get out and explore. That’s why we recommend paddle boarding on the Big Island. Keep reading to discover the best places to rent boards for the entire family!  For more ways to make the most of your adventure in the Aloha State, […]

4 of the Best Oahu Zipline Adventures

zipline first person

The beautiful island of Oahu is full of adventures around every corner. Oahu Zipline offers an array of fun and exciting excursions throughout the area. Keep reading to discover how you can experience the thrill of zipping through the lush forests and verdant valleys of our island oasis!  If you’re searching for more ways to make the most of your vacation […]

All About the Best Oahu Botanical Gardens

Visitors and locals alike of Oahu tend to have a passionate love for nature. From stunning mountains to picturesque beaches, you’re surrounded by the beauty of Mother Nature. Did you know that the island is home to many botanical gardens too? When you visit Oahu Botanical Gardens, you’ll be mesmerized by the indigenous flora, unique […]

Why You Need to Explore Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay

Oahu is home to many incredible natural wonders. From the North Shore to Diamond Head, you’ll find an array of iconic sights that are must-sees during your visit. If you want to experience some of the best snorkeling and sunrise views on the island, Hanauma Bay needs to be on your list. This gorgeous bay is home to diverse […]

7 of the Most Instagrammable Spots on the Big Island

Rainbow Falls Big Island

Calling all photographers! Are you searching for the most Instagrammable spots on the Big Island? Well, we compiled a list of our favorite places to snap photos of our island’s beautiful natural landscapes and scenery. Check them out!  For more ways to make the most of your Hawaiian adventure, be sure to request our complimentary Vacation Guide!  The Most Instagrammable Spots […]

Oahu or Maui: Which Is the Best for You?

a sunset from the North Shore

Sun, sand, and excellent weather are all synonymous with Hawaii. With several islands to pick from, choosing which one to visit with your family can be a tall task. So, we ran through the activities, beaches, nightlife, and atmosphere to help you decide between Oahu or Maui! Which will you choose? For more information on […]

Why You Need to Explore a Black Sand Beach on the Big Island

Punalu'u black sand beach, big Island Hawaii

Hawaii is home to some of the best beaches in the world. While they vary in beauty, discovering a black sand beach on the Big Island is truly special. Formed by thousands of years of volcanic eruptions and weathered rock, these unique marvels are definitely worth visiting during your time in Hawaii.  For more ways […]

Your Guide to the Ultimate Hawaii Packing List

packing for vacation

Planning a vacation to the Aloha State involves quite a bit of time and effort, but with some help, you and your family will be relaxing our beautiful beaches in no time. Our Hawaii packing list breaks down everything you need to bring (and everything you don’t). So, are you ready to venture to our […]

Everything You Need to Know About Big Island Bike Tours

friends family riding bikes

Do you want to explore the culture, history, and natural beauty that Hawaii offers without having to sacrifice time spent in the beautiful outdoors? Well, you can trade your car for two wheels with Big Island Bike Tours! This local company offers an array of excursions around the island that allow you to immerse yourself […]

Oahu ATV Tours You Need to Experience for the Best Adventure

vacation guide oahu, hawaii, big island

Not many people can say they’ve gone on a jungle expedition across the famous land of the dinosaurs! Oahu ATV tours are a unique way to explore Hawaii and its renowned movie filming locations. Speed through the highs and lows of the jungle, scenic valleys, and rocky roads of Oahu. Or, count the recognizable sites […]